There are many uses for sorghum and I hope these recipes will help you enjoy our old fashioned syrup.
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Substituting sorghum for other sweeteners
Honey and Molasses: one to one basis in most cases. In baking recipes that call for molasses, substitute sorghum but reduce the sugar by 1/3. This should be done because sorghum is sweeter than molasses.

Ordinary sugar: Increase the amount of sorghum by 1/3 over the amount of sugar called for and decrease the amount of liquid (water and/or milk) by this same amount.

Note: not recommended that all sugar be replaced under most circumstances. Best results are obtained by replacing 50% to 75% of the sugar with sorghum.

Don't be afraid to experiment. I have done recipes that call for brown sugar and substituted half with sorghum. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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